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Mikko Heino is a Finnish illustrator and visual artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. With a background in graphic design and inspired by comics, cartoons, skateboarding, and popular culture, his work is bold and simplified with a good amount of dry humor. 

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PDF portfolio available upon request.



Summer Fling
Circus Network
Porto, Portugal

Cluster Illustration Fair
Ugly Duck
London, UK
(Group Show)


Mano Y Mano
Berlin, Germany
(2-Person Show with Christopher Chan)

Pop Tales
Gallery Fata Morgana
Berlin, Germany
(Group Show)


Alte Feuerwache
Cologne, Germany
(Group Show)

Pictoplasma Academy All Stars
Urban Spree
Berlin, Germany
(Group Show)


Christmas Print Fayre
KK Outlet
London, UK
(Group Show)

Illustrated 2015
The Old Truman Brewery
London, UK
(Group Show)

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